Equanimity Equestrian is a yard dedicated to excellence. We believe in growth and development and in providing quality education for horses and riders. The centre was founded in 2012 by Cheresa after she discovered a life beyond the standard, every-day horse riding school and competitive career. Although there is always room for both, it was clear that there is a need for a breakaway from the normal system of running schools and yards.

Horse riding is more than a routine or a sport – it is an escape for many: retreat from the daily bustle, a reconnection with themselves and nature, as well as an opportunity to grow and learn about oneself. The value of this far outweighs the idea of treating a horse like an object and this is the feeling Equanimity aims to culture. Equanimity aims for quality rather than quantity in every situation We provide equestrians and horses an environment, devoid of human politics, stress or unrest, in which to constantly learn, grow and explore their relationship, as well as develop their talents. Although anyone is welcome to join, our focus surrounds helping to rehabilitate riders as well as horses in terms of physical and psychological issues which may hinder them from achieving clear communication and movement. We believe in journeying in camaraderie with each individual horse and rider combination, so that they can achieve all that they wish to achieve. We are specifically capable of helping nervous riders to regain their confidence, as well as helping first-time riders who would like to pursue the joy of being owned by a horse.

We endeavour to expand our own knowledge constantly – in the form of clinics, local shows and theory discussions – in order to be able to provide each rider with the most comprehensive and practically applicable methods to help themselves and their horses. Clients become like family and we aim to help anyone, anywhere, whether you stay or move on in your journey. Equanimity is our home, our haven and our school. If you would like to find out more about us, read on.

We invest time in selecting the absolute best team to work at Equanimity. We invest in our team, so that they can invest in our horses and clients. Read more to learn more about our current team of dedicated staff.
Without our four-legged team, Equanimity would not exist. We have some lovely horses available to ride in lessons and on trails, each with their own personality and quirky traits. Read more about each of our horses.
Equanimity is a place where we have massive dreams. We are constantly spearheading projects in order to make this a yard which is comfortable, inviting and an awesome place to learn, grow and even just relax. Read more..
If you have any questions regarding the center, would like more information about what we offer, or would like to book one of our services, please feel free to contact us. You will also find directions to our premises. We would love to hear from you!