Our Equine Team

Equanimity has some lovely horses available to ride in lessons and on trails. Their personalities vary and they are encouraged to remain their quirky-selves, despite being asked to conform to the strict standards of discipline required of trail and school ponies.


Bakgat is a flashy 14.1hh flea-bitten grey Nooitgedaght gelding, born in 2001 and owned by Tielman Roos. Bakgat is the most vocal of all the horses and he loves to call out to anyone entering his paddock or stable yard. He takes a while to warm up to his handlers and riders and is generally mistrusting, but once he knows you, he is the sweetest boy. Bakgat has a dreamy, floating trot and a rocking-horse canter which make him a wonderful horse to learn on. His sharpness and sensitivity to his handlers’ energy or vibe also makes him the perfect horse for ground work and liberty demonstrations. He is used as a school horse and enjoys trail rides and jumping, but is quite happy to be faffed over all day with cuddles, grooming, walks or treats as well. Bakgat was sold in 2017 to Marinus Neethling and his family and he will enjoy his life in Durbanville from April 2018.


Fine Pearl

Fine Pearl is the princess (who ironically loves to roll in mud, but hates to step in it) of the yard. She is a 2008-born, 16hh Thoroughbred x Saddler cross, crossbred mare with legs for miles and movement that can make people stop in their tracks. Pearl has a lovely colt at foot (we are still deciding whether to geld him) by the late Donatello, who was by the KWPN stallion Waldemar G out of Saratoga Destiny’s Child (by Saratoga Carrick). We are considering putting Pearl in foal to Rico KWPN at the end of 2017 for the 2018 season and this will be a truly magnificent foal. Pearl is talented in free work, dressage, jumping, cross country, endurance and loves outrides. She is an incredibly honest horse with a fantastic work ethic and willingness to please and she is certainly a gem worth more than we could ever say. Pearl has a huge stride for her size and has talent for days! She is dainty and feminine, yet has scope, power and toughness – what a wonderful horse! Pearl is owned by Mia de Roubaix and they are a lovely partnership. Pearl has been confirmed in foal to Assegai Stud’s Rico (KWPN) for the 2018 season and we cannot wait to see this combination!

Blazing Aurora

Blazing Aurora, also known as Ash or Babyface around the yard, is owned by Cheresa. She is a 2011-born, 16hh red bay Thoroughbred mare with the quirky (yet usually talented) bloodlines of Northern Dancer, Best by Test and Al Mufti. Interestingly, Cammy and Ash share the same great grandsire! Ash was brought to the yard with the intention of her filling Cammy’s shoes. Ash is the most straightforward, laid-back young thoroughbred we have ever come across. She has an impressive stride in the country and showed very good pulses in her first endurance ride. Shortly after her arrival, Ash fractured her left hip and she underwent a lengthy recovery process. The result is that she is very left-bent, but this does not hinder her in the slightest. Ash enjoys jumping, but loves relaxed outrides most of all. Ash is currently in foal to the full arabian stallion, Spartacus, from Strydom Stud in Pretoria. Cheresa met Spartacus on a visit to Pretoria, intending to look for a horse for a client. Instead, she met Spartacus and was completely blown away by his temperament and presence. The decision was made then and there. Ash’s beautiful foal, Akiva, was born 22 December 2017 🙂


Equanimity’s Akiva is our 2017 colt born on December 22nd. He is by an arabian stallion from Strydom Arabian Stud, Spartacus FS, out of our thoroughbred mare, Blazing Aurora. Akiva was born kicking and despite his very plain colouring, he is filled with fire and spark. He oozes presence and keeps the entire herd on its toes. The future is bursting with possibilities for this handsome young fellow and we’re so honoured to be a part of his adventure 🙂


Praline is a 2004-born 16.3hh chestnut mare by Piotter KWPN out of a SAW mare, Verdini Ladioska, who was by Landgraaf KWPN. She is owned by Cheresa. Praline’s dam was nearly 18hh and was an absolute sweetheart of a horse. Praline’s dam died while she was still very young and she was subsequently raised as a pet. Her breeder competed in jumping at the time and bred Praline as a jumper, but she did not seem to have the heart for it. Praline survived African Horse Sickness as a youngster and is a tough, unassuming, easy-going mare with phenomenal scope of movement and hidden talent. She is quite bossy in the herd, but is the most gentle horse when it comes to people. She has in the past been trained in Andrew Mclain’s teachings, Straigtness Training, as well as basic French Classical education. Praline is spending time being a wonderful matriarch and stabilising force in the herd, whilst teaching a few riders about riding with their spines and quieting their minds 🙂 She has been put in foal to the German stallion, Rotspon, for the 2018 season and we are extremely thrilled with this combination.


Calisto is a 2016-born South African Warmblood filly bred and owned by Cheresa. Cally is by the late Donatello (SAW), out of the late Camargo XX. Cally has her dam’s spunk and sensitivity (not to mention appetite) and shows an incredibly free shoulder, inherited from her dam, as well as her granddam’s side (Saratoga Destiny’s Child by Carrick). Calisto is a beautiful bay tobiano and has inherited her grandsire’s signature black streak in a white tail. We are very excited to see how she matures and who she becomes and she is very special to Cheresa personally, being the offspring of her beloved Cammy – who used to fall asleep in Cheresa’s arms.


Phoenix is a 2016-born South African Sports Horse colt bred and owned by Cheresa. Phoenix is by the late Donatello (SAW), out of Fine Pearl. Phoneix is as gooey and gentle as they come. He is the most innocent horse with the most marshmallowy personality ever. His sire was impressive, yet incredibly patient and gentle – he was a fantastic therapy horse and we were heartbroken to lose him to colic in middle 2017. Phoenix has inherited his sire’s softness, as well as his dam’s innocence and sensitivity. We expect Phoenix to mature into a tank of a horse (who will not realize his tankishness) with flowing, correct movement and a durability generally lacking in the current SAW gene pool. With Waldemar G in his lineage, Phoenix is bound to take quite a few years to mature physically and we intend to give him all the time he needs to become an impressive, well-grounded and sure-footed young man. Phoenix was sold to Jenita Ferreira early in 2018 and they are enjoying the journey of each other as Phoenix grows up.


* Leases are available for all Equanimity owned horses so please enquire should you wish to lease your favourite horse or pony! Click here for more information on our leasing options.

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