How much does riding tuition cost?
Please consult our Tuition section here

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, electronic bank transfers, Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. EFTs need to be paid into our bank account in advance. Cash, Visa, MasterCard or Maestro will be accepted on the day and will be charged before services are offered.

What happens when it rains? Do we still come for lessons?
For sure! A very important part of horsemanship or equestrianism is learning about what goes on behind the scenes in terms of horse care, health, yard operation, feed, equipment, shows, etc. Lessons continue regardless of weather and lessons not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance will still be charged for. Consult our Conditions and Fees for more details or contact your instructor.

What should I wear to my lesson or trail ride?
Long trousers (for example jeans that have some stretch) and closed shoes with a small (1cm) heel are a must. We have a selection of riding helmets that can be borrowed until you are able to purchase your own helmet.

Iwould like to book a picnic. How do I do this?
Picnic baskets, platters or wine tasting can be booked directly through Mooiplaas Wine Estate. Please note that the tasting room is usually closed on Mondays.

What type of fences do you have?
The fences around the yard are mostly wire fencing. The arena’s, as well as our sick bays and holding camps consist of post-and-rail fencing.

Where are the bathrooms?
Restrooms can be located in the office/tack room, as well as at the Mooiplaas wine tasting room.

What is included in the livery cost?
Livery cost includes the use of a groom (available to groom, feed, apply fly spray, tick grease, blankets, fly masks, etc) for both full livery and outdoor livery as well as shavings for indoor livery. Concentrate and roughage feed, equine dental technicians, veterinary costs, farriery, physiotherapy, chiropractic work, equine body work, Bowen Therapy, Body Stress Release, transport, schooling, backing and lessons are not included in the livery costs and are for the client’s own account.  Equanimity reserves the right to insist on routine health treatment for horses. Deworming, vaccinations (except for horses in the AHS Sentinel Program), dental and farrier work is non-negotiable and clients unable to care for their horses will be given notice without exception. For more information please see our Livery section here

My horse sleeps out, but I feel sorry for it in winter. Do they have shelter in the camps?
The paddocks do not have built shelters, but the horses make use of the shade and natural shrubbery in the camps in adverse weather. Clients who own horses who sleep out and work are encouraged to make use of blankets for their horses in winter. These need to be supplied by the client, but our grooms will put on and take off blankets at their discretion. Should you wish to have a stable available for your horse in the winter, be sure to book one in advance. Stables are often fully booked in winter, so it is advisable to rather pay for full livery and request that your horse sleeps out in summer, rather than expect a stable in winter, only to find that there are none available.

Do you provide shuttle services to and from your Center?
Unfortunately not

Do you cater for kids parties?
We do not currently have the staff or time to cater for parties, but can happily refer you to companies which do. Contact us for more information.

Where can I purchase horse riding equipment?
Depending on which area is closest to you, try The Tack Shack in Durbanville, Westernshoppe in Milnerton, or contact us for specialist or import stores’ details.

Client Agreements

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