Livery, Leases & Schooling

Equanimity Equestrian closed its doors in 2021. We are no longer operational. Any text left over on this website is merely for sentimentality and nostalgia.

Equanimity is proud to be one of the few yards in the Western Cape able to offer grazing. Our paddocks are situated in the crisp valleys of Mooiplaas Wine Estate. We aim to keep grazing diverse and as close to nature as possible, to encourage foraging and self-selection in the horses. While most of the paddocks are under irrigation, we aim to observe the concept of conserving precious resources as far as possible; this has especially been important over the past few years when the changing climate in the Western Cape has meant particularly long, hot summers and shorter, colder, less wet winters. The farm itself is a member of the Bottelary Conservancy and hosts a small, private nature reserve. Trail rides ensure a panoramic view of Table Mountain, Muizenberg, as well as the Durbanville hills and Boland Mountains. The two dams on the farm ensure a constant influx of wildlife, including birds of prey such as the African Harrier Hawk and African Fish Eagle.

Equine facilities currently include six airy, light stables, designed and built to aesthetically blend into the surrounding landscape, rather than to detract from it. Stables are built with horses’ natural instincts in mind and are designed in such a way as to ensure a natural, yet workable area. The stable yard is completely lit and we are able to do activities at night with ease. Night grooms are on duty almost every night, allowing for the ability to give stabled horses up to 5 meals per day, as well as evening turnout and exercise, continuous rug changes and special requests if needed. Stables are fitted with fans, to ensure the horses’ comfort during the summer months. Our yard is monitored via CCTV cameras and we aim to upgrade this feature continuously, for our own peace of mind, as well as that of our clients. We have one completely floodlit 19m x 35m flatwork arena and a floodlit 15x15m Picadero. Our 35m x 72m sand arena is situated directly above the stable yard and has an impressive view of one of Mooiplaas’ stunning valleys. It will in future allow for shows, clinics and events. Within the lush kikuyu paddocks close to the wine tasting facilities, riders are able to utilize a grass surface as arena, giving the horses and riders a wide spread of footing to choose from. Arenas are mostly sheltered from extreme sun and wind, as they are situated in the lush valleys. There are no shelters in the paddocks – horses are blanketed as needed in adverse weather. We are however constantly planting trees in the area. Jumping equipment and assistance is available and solid jumps are available on trail routes. The outrides at Equanimity are absolutely unmatched and the surfaces and routes to choose from are any endurance rider’s dream. Additional stables and other exciting future developments are also being planned.

We have parking for clients, a secure tack room, feed room, wash bays, canteen, tuck shop and bathroom facilities, braai area, equipment for multimedia presentations and theory lessons, as well as audio equipment for lessons, clinics or simple ambience available on-site and aim to make Equanimity a comfortable home not only for the horses, but also for clients.

Livery options and prices:

Stabled livery R3150 per month (excludes feed) **
Outdoor livery R2400 per month (excludes feed) *
Spelling Starting at R2400 per month
Foaling Down/Broodmare Care/Reproductive Services Starting at R4000 per month

These prices include grooms and manager’s salaries, ground rental, electrical and water usage and bedding for horses in full livery. Roughage and concentrates are supplied but will be for the client’s own expense. Please enquire for a specialised quote regarding services related to spelling, foaling down, broodmare care and reproductive services. Price changes are calculated bi-annually, based on inflation, minimum wage standards, increases or decreases in the cost of bedding and rent. We endeavour to remain congruent and operate with integrity at all times, taking into account the wellbeing of each and every horse under our care, each client’s needs, as well as the future developments of the yard. As such, a complete breakdown of costs of each horse is sometimes available, should a client request to view it.

Livery clients are also entitled to discounts on their livery fee if their horses are used in riding lessons or trails as well as discounts on equine schooling sessions. In addition livery clients will also receive 25% off their riding tuition fee should they choose to receive riding tuition with Equanimity instructors.

Contact us for more information or to secure a spot!

*Please note that in severe weather conditions affecting the quality or sustainability of grazing, a drought levy may be imposed at the yard manager’s discretion. The levy will consist of a 2-100% increase in roughage rationing, calculated on the best possible roughage available, at the lowest possible market cost.
**In the case of severe water levies or restrictions being imposed, affecting the day-to-day running of the yard, or affecting the quality of water provided to the horses in our care, a water levy may be imposed. This has not yet occurred, and remains a last resort in desperate times. A contingency plan is in place, should water become unsuitable or run out due to natural disaster, but clients will be alerted in advance of major changes affecting their bills or, more importantly, their horses.


A lease can be defined as experiencing the joys of “owning” a horse, without the added responsibility of vet bills, farriery, dentist, etc. The lessee agrees to lease their steed by riding for a set number of (unsupervised) sessions per week. Leases are not available to just any rider and a high level of independence, maturity and horsemanship is required. This is a fantastic option for riders who would like to take the next step towards horse or pony ownership, but would like to feel what ownership entails before committing to something as permanent as ownership. The horses and ponies available for lease would usually benefit from the extended attention they receive from their lessee and the aim is to create happy, enriching matches.

Quarter Lease
R1200 per month
Up to TWO days per week
Half Lease
R1900 per month
Up to THREE days per week
Three-quarter Lease
R2600 per month
Up to FOUR days per week
Full Lease
R3900 per month
Up to SIX days per week

Leasees are encouraged to continue with lessons while they lease, as guidance is always needed if growth is to be achieved. Please note that booking an extra lesson day on one of your non-lease days in a half, three-quarter lease or full lease is not allowed – in other words, you are not allowed to have a lesson on your “off day”.

Leasees will also receive 25% off their riding tuition fee should they choose to receive riding tuition at Equanimity.

Contact us for more information or to secure a lease! Click here for available horses to lease (Equanimity owned only).

Equine Schooling

Trainers at Equanimity are experienced in schooling a variety of horses of different breeds, builds, temperaments and levels – un-backed to competitive. The focus is on building a foundation of trust, communication and understanding between horse and rider. Trainers are disciplined, yet approach each horse as an individual and treat them with respect and empathy.

By drawing on a combination of principles seen in natural horsemanship, classical schooling methods, traditional German and French classical methods, as well as a variety of techniques acquired through years of experience and constant, ongoing research and study, one is assured that each equine is approached uniquely to ensure that the training process runs smoothely and efficiently. Horses and ponies are not forced to progress accourding to the owner or rider’s needs, but rather to what suits the equine’s temperament and capabilities. This ensures that the best possible effects are achieved and that schooling has a lasting, positive impact on the equine and its development. The level of schooling and development achieved for each horse, will be dependent on the rider’s commitment to maintaining this level and continuously learning in order to develop not only their horse, but also themselves.

Clinics and workshops are presented country-wide, catering for a variety of needs and topics, ridden or otherwise. Please note we reserve the right to refuse the backing of horses younger than 4 years old, or young horses which we deem insufficiently physically or mentally developed for the work required. Ground work, handling, lunging, pre-backing, trick training and liberty work may be possible under the age of 4, on a case to case basis.

R300 per session
Maximum 60min session
R250 per session
Maximum 45min session

We offer the following discounts to livery clients:
15% discount on schooling / groundwork fees
25% discount on schooling / groundwork fees if 2 or more sessions are booked per week

Horses may be entered into a training or backing program and can be stabled at the yard. Alternatively, our trainers are able to travel to various yards for schooling. Please note that travel costs for any schooling outside a 15km radius of Equanimity Equestrian Center will be added to the client’s invoice. A sliding scale discount applies for schooling. Equanimity trainers reserve the right to accept or deny schooling on specific horses, based on assessments conducted at the beginning, as well as throughout the schooling period. We have a list of suitable trainers available, should we have a thorough understanding of what is needed by both the specific equine and the client. We will not compromise a horse’s mental, physical or emotional well-being for a client’s schedule or budget.

Feel free to contact us for more information, a quote or an assessment which could lead to the recommendation of suitable trainers.

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At Equanimity, we aim to nurture a journey between horse and human. Whether you have never touched a horse or have ridden all your life and are searching for something new, a renewal of your equine-human relationship or would like to refine your skills at your pace, we would love to meet you. Read more ..
Trail rides at Equanimity are indescribable and take riders through the beautiful hills of the Bottelary Conservancy, within and beyond the borders of the 250ha Mooiplaas Wine Estate. There are virtually no borders between farms surrounding Mooiplaas Wine Estate and riders have nearly unlimited access to passed, hills, forests and winelands. Read more ..