Lucerne (per bale)


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Lucerne bales consist of lucerne stems, leaves and flowers. Colour ranges from rich, dark green to light green, depending on baling time and storage. Weight of bales ranges between 17kg and 30kg.

Lucerne can have a crude protein level of 20%, depending on the soil it was grown in and at what stage it is harvested. It is a legume which has a higher feeding value than most crops – it is leafy and low in fibre, making it palatable and attractive to most horses. Lucerne is high in Calcium and other vitamins, including Vitamin D if stored in the sun. Bales can be anywhere from soft and flaky to solid, thick and moist, depending on when the crop was baled. Buyers should be aware that bales lose moisture and colour the longer they are stored. Regardless of your preference of lucerne (stalky, flaky, leafy, moist, etc.), it should smell fresh, sweet and rich.