Teff (per bale)


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Teff bales consist of teff stems, leaves and seeds. Growing in the fields, teff appears purple, gray, red, or yellowish brown. Seeds range from dark reddish brown to yellowish brown to ivory. Bales typically range in colour from light tan to pastel green in colour and should smell rich, sharp and full. Weight of bales ranges between 15kg and 20kg.

Teff can have a crude protein level of around 14%, depending on the soil it was grown in and at what stage it is harvested. It is considered a super feed, high in calcium, Vitamin C and protein and 20%-40% of its carbohydrates consist of resistant starches, making it excellent for blood-sugar management, weight control and hindgut health. Teff seeds are also very small and easily digested, reducing the risk of hindgut fermentation occurring in horses with sensitive digestive systems or metabolic issues. Some research has shown teff to also include trace amounts of Biotin, which is great for hoof and coat health in horses.