Tuition in Equestrianism

Equanimity aims for diversity and continued education. Our instructors are constantly learning, growing and consider themselves “students for life”. Riding tuition is offered to anyone from the age of 9 who would like to lease or own a horse or pony. Personal assessments are given to all potential riders (irrespective of age) in order to gauge your ability, personality and aptitude for riding and to decide what type of tuition is best for you. We prefer riders who are committed to a path of understanding the horse, as well as themselves as a result.

Instructors are able to coach and assist in disciplines and fields such as dressage, showjumping, eventing, hunting, showing, equitation, gymkhana and mounted games, basics of western riding, ground work including lunging, long-reining, polework and body exercises, and body awareness. Any level of riding is welcome and referrals to specialist schools and centers are always available! We have a very limited number of slots available to new riders, as the school is small and intensive, focused on the finer arts of equestrianism and high school riding and training.

Intensive, short or extended clinics and workshops are available periodically, throughout the year. Topics covered include elements pertaining to all aspects of horsemanship, from the very basics right through to detailed, researched discussions and engagements regarding specific topics or skills. Requests are reviewed regularly and country-wide seminars are possible, interest-depending.

Our horses are gentle and their personalities range from spunky to completely placid. Riders are encouraged to form bonds with their mounts, but move between horses as their experience improves.

Fostering connection and empathy between man and equine, we aim to nurture a journey in curiosity and growth, not merely offer a service.

Tuition options and prices:

Anyone wanting to receive tuition at Equanimity will undergo a once-off assessment to gauge ability, personality and aptitude for riding. This assessment will give us a better indication of what type of tuition will best suit you. *Assessment fees are payable in advance and non-refundable. Due to previous experiences, we have had to instigate these rules in order to prevent chancers from abusing our time and disregarding our precious horses.

One-on-one tuition
R490 ad-hoc
50min session
R1700 monthly
Weekly 50min sessions
One-on one lessons are aimed at riders wanting to focus on a specific area of their riding or horsemanship. They are available to select clients, as well as to clients who have their own horses and would like to receive assistance in improving their own horse’s way of going, as well as their partnership. Monthly tuition guarantees a specific weekly, time slot whereas ad-hoc sessions are open to riders who cannot commit to a once-a week slot, but would still like tuition every now and then.

Group tuition
R300 ad-hoc
50min session
R950 monthly
Weekly 50min sessions
Group sessions consist of a maximum of 4 riders per group. This ensures that clients receive sufficient attention and practice time during their sessions. Camaraderie is encouraged and new members are welcomed and uplifted. Sessions include anything equestrian, ridden or non-ridden. Groups may be larger than 4 in theory sessions, especially in winter. Theory is invaluable to each rider’s development and dedication to these sessions are of utmost importance. As with one-on-one tuition, monthly group tuition guarantees a specific weekly, time slot and group.


View our calendar to see available tuition slots

We do not take children under the age of 7 but will happily refer you to yards that do teach children under this age. Equanimity also reserves the right to cancel session slots or charge penalty fees if they are not respected by the individual horseman. Sessions not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be forfeited. All tuition is payable in advance.

We offer the following discounts on riding tuition fees:
10% family – the first family member pays full fees, the second and subsequent riders receive family discount
25% livery/leasee – for livery clients or clients leasing any Equanimity owned horse

Lessons are taught:
Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri 11am-8pm
Saturdays 8am-2pm (reserved for livery and lease clients)
The riding school is CLOSED on Sundays, Mondays and Public Holidays. Livery and lease clients are of course still welcome on these days.

For more information or bookings, please contact us. We look forward to meeting you!

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